ShipServ to Business Central connector

Connect your quotation flow and purchase orders between ShipServ and Microsoft 365 Business Central with one simple add-on

Business Central Add-on for ShipServ

Using the Microsoft 365 Business Central environment and also use (or want to use) ShipServ for your maritime process? Read on because this add-on is for you!


The Business Central to ShipServ, or BC2SS in short, is a service that creates a connection between your BC environment and your ShipServ environment regarding RFQ’s (Request For Quote) and purchase orders.

What to expect?

When configured, additional fields and settings are added in Business Central. You will get the option to indicate whether a supplier is a “ShipServ Supplier.” If this is the case, you can use your quote in BC as a RFQ for ShipServ and send it to ShipServ environment. From there a definitive quotation will be send back with relevant details. (is it the exact same product as requested or a replacement? Is the price changed? Is enough in stock? Etc.) Once a quotation is send back it can be converted to a purchase order and then send back to ShipServ.

What about the details?

If you want to know more about the installation or process, please use the following documents as reference:

In conclusion, the add-on removes the need for you to login in ShipServ to keep track of the process there, making BC the central point of operations for your organisation. In addition to this, there can be no administrative mistakes regarding product numbers or orders again, given that the right information is automatically linked.